• Double height lobby - Mortimer Community College by Contents Design

    Double height lobby

  • Bespoke, modular seating - Mortimer Community College by Contents Design

    Bespoke, modular seating

  • Main entrance hall - Mortimer Community College by Contents Design

    Main entrance hall

Mortimer Community College

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The new college accommodates 1,090 students and is built on the existing school site. Some of the existing school buildings have been retained and the design has been developed to unify the old and new via a central street.

Nigel lead the interior design on the project and ensured that the student input from the workshops had a direct influence on the final scheme.

"Nigel Scorer listened to us, challenged us and worked very closely with us to deliver a fabulous environment in which we all feel privileged to work. He listened to the Senior Leadership to establish our vision for Mortimer Community College as a place of learning, our aspirations for the young people in our care and as a working environment for both staff and students. He consulted with staff and took on board their ideas.

However, the greatest work was that done with the students of the school. He developed a series of workshops in which he presented the thoughts of the Senior Leadership and the staff and then let the students use their imagination to develop these.

We have a design that is colourful and exciting for young people. The colours enhance mood and therefore support learning. We have signature areas such as our Art Space, which have a funky and contemporary feel. A space that oozes creativity out of the very walls! We have a design that seamlessly combines social spaces and learning spaces.

The results, achievement has gone up, attendance of both staff and students has gone up and staff and students are happier and very proud of their school."

Claire Mullane - Head Teacher, Mortimer Community College